Our Mission:


As we go, we will light the world by empowering others to reach their goals.



"I don’t need to depend on my children in any way, I can now meet my basic needs out of the vegetables I am growing…”

I am grateful for the water. We have enough for farming and for our animals. Our animals will not die because of the water we now have.”

-Stories from individuals impacted by GLOW Foundation’s Sand Dam Project


Our Vision

A world where resources are shared to overcome obstacles.



OCTOBER 23, 2018

A Summer Well Spent by Felix Kioko

From my personal interest in international and community development, I have been working alongside the local women in rural Kenya. I believe that women play a significant role in community development. In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and live in a free poverty world, women need to be engaged and empowered through any form of human development…


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